About me

Hi!  My name's KT.  I'm a 29 year old mother of 3 beautiful girls.  I started my weight loss journey  almost 3 years ago, a few months after my daughter was born and a few months before my wedding.  What started out as me trying to lose some weight and look better turned into an obsession (a healthy one though).  About a year and a half ago I became fascinated with everything healthy and good for you.  I've always adored exercising so, this new love of health lead me to exercise more.

I have been dealing with gallbladder issues since September 2011 and finally got it removed in February 2012 but, I am still living a predominately fat free life.  For more information check out my Contact Me page.

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
AFPA Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant

AFPA Certified Weight Management Consultant **Currently in Progess**
AFPA Certified Nutrition Consultant--Master Level **Currently in Progress**

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