Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farmer's Market Friday

Dear Farmer’s Market,

I love you!!!

KT the Fat Free Queen

The vendor at the Farmer's Market I get my produce from

I adore Fridays.  To most people Fridays mean the last day of work before the weekend, relaxing and fun.  To me it means going to the Farmer’s Market.  The nice thing about living in Florida is that we have the Farmer’s Market year round.  So I can still get fresh, locally grown produce in December the same as I can get it in June. 
   The one here is about 15 minutes from my house.  It’s open on Fridays and Saturdays.  I always go on Fridays because Kay and Mo are in school, I’m already up getting kids to the bus stop, and there are (in my opinion) better vendors there on Friday.
Honestly I only started  doing a weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market in February.  Before then I would go from time to time and pick out whatever looked good but, it wasn’t serious.  In February I went once to look around and for some reason something changed in me and I became hooked.  I buy 95% of the produce that I need for the week plus some extra fruits and vegetables that look good or that the girls want.  I like shopping there because I save some money, I’m supporting the local businesses and my produce is locally grown.  After 2 months of being a weekly face at certain vendors they know my face and what I like and don’t like.
This trip was a little different than my normal trips.  I spent a little more than normal and bought things I don’t normally buy.  I had Kay and Mo with me so, they wanted a special treat.  Baye gets a bag of kettle corn every week.  That’s her treat for being good while I do my shopping.  She knows I go buy my produce (I use the same vendor every week), then we go get her kettle corn and after that we finish our shopping.  Another reason that I spent differently then normal is because we’re getting ready to go camping on Monday so I needed stuff I don’t normally get.
My Farmer's Market finds for the week

I spent $49 and here’s what I got:
A lot of apples (I needed them to make apple chips and for the girls on the trip)
Some dried strawberries, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds (for trail mix)
Kettle corn for Baye
Gummy worms for Mo
Licorice for Kay (she regretted this decision)
Portobello Mushrooms
Baby portabellas
Sweet potatoes
A container of pineapple

I am addicted to the muffins that are sold at the market!  These muffins are worse than crack.  I buy 5 and get one free.  I spend $15 a week on these muffins.  They are excellent!  Hugo is the man who makes them.  They’re all low-fat (he has a few that are fat-free but you have to special order them)  If you are in the Flagler County, St. Augustine area then you have to try Hugo’s Muffins.  I can’t live without them.        

What’s your idea of a fun Friday?

Hugo's Muffins
Flagler County Farmer's Market

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