Sunday, February 24, 2013

Motivation Post

A few weeks ago I had a really hard time motivating myself to exercise.  I probably did about 45 minutes in 4 days.  That's really bad for me since I'm used to exercising 45 minutes A DAY 6 days a week.  It really annoyed me.  I did some research and my lack of motivation (and a few other symptoms) leads me to believe that I have just been overtraining and my body needs the break.  

While I was lacking motivation to workout I gained motivation to find ways to gain motivation.  Here's a few tips to help you get your groove back.

  1. Buy yourself some new gear.  Clothes, shoes, equipment, whatever you want/need.  Spend as little or as much as you can afford.  I have been avoiding spending money on a new set of gym clothes.  But, I bought myself some new stuff to try to get me to WANT to goto the gym so I could show them off.  (Oh and I did a review on the workout pants in the picture above HERE)
  2. Switch up your routine.  If you normally do the elliptical, switch to the bike.  If you normally do cardio, switch to strength training.  You get the idea.  Make your workout fun!
  3. Try something new. This is along the same lines as the previous tip.  Sometimes people lose their motivation because they are bored with what they are doing.  Always wanted to try a spin class?  Then do it!  Is it starting to warm up like it is here?  Then get outside and go for a jog.  
  4. Phone a friend.  I know that I occasionally think about how it might be fun to have a gym buddy.  Friends help make exercise fun and they also help keep you motivated and working to your full potential.  So call up a friend and go burn some calories.
And if you still can't motivate yourself then go outside.  Just walk around and think, or look at the trees, birds and clouds.  Because while you're trying to find motivation you're also burning a few calories.  

And to close this post a random fact (that surprisingly enough I found in my psychology textbook).  If you have an obese spouse your risk of being/staying obese goes up 37%.  If you have obese friends your risk goes up by 57%.  So maybe that phone a friend tip is helping with more than just your motivation.  

How do you find your motivation?

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