Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jillian Michael's Slim For Life Book Review

As I've mentioned before, I enjoy reading diet and weight-loss books.  While on vacation I finished Slim For Life by Jillian Michaels. 

This book is set up in a (in my opinion) unique way.  Each tip is assigned a point value, either 3, 2, or 1.  3 pointers are the most important, the ones you should definitely do.  1 pointers are important but not really imperative to your weightloss. 

At the end of each chapter you add up your points then, when you add up all your chapter totals at the end of the book she ytells you what your score means.

Here are a few tips from the book that I thought were interesting.

  • People who eat appetizers with hot sauce eat 200 fewer calories tyhen people who don't.
  • Laughing reduces cortisol and epinephrine levels (fattening hormones) and increases endorphins and neurotransmitters (stress-busting hormones)
  • Sex burns approximately 200 calories per 30 minutes
  • Standing burns 1.5x more calories than sitting
  • A person who fidgets burns 250 more calories a day
  • Bloat busting foods:  Coconut water, bananas, papaya, yogurt, lima beans, cataloupe, and beets
I would highly reccommend this book.  Even if you don't need to lose weight there's some helpful hints for keeping the weight off.

So you can either order this book from Amazon (the link is listed below) or check it out from your local library.

Buy it on Amazon:  Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels

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