Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Birthday Recap (with a new recipe)

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was the best birthday I've had in a while.  I went to the gym in the morning, Ken went down the street and picked up my new stove (got a free microwave as an added bonus), we went to see Monsters University (a REALLY cute movie), came home and Ken and Kaylee cooked dinner for me.  Kaylee is using my birthday dinner as her next Kooking with Kaylee.  

I'm always depressed by how my fat free cakes turn out.  But, I decided to try it one last time.  This cake was a home run!  I was so excited.  I got the recipe from The Fat Free Vegan Blog.  Click HERE for the recipe.  I actually didn't change anything except I used regular whole wheat flour, sugar free maple syrup and used cornstarch instead of chia.  I also added a Cool Whip frosting (1 cup milk, 1 box sugar free fat free pudding mix and an 8 oz container Cool Whip Free mixed together) to the top.  {Birthday cake needs frosting in my opinion}

This is a one layer cake and I'm a complete frosting addict.  My trick?  Use a sharp knife and hollow out some cake from the top.  You can fill the hole with frosting and you'll get more.  I crumbled the cake I removed and used it on top for garnish.  

My gifts.  Popsicle molds and a misto from Ken, a new watch, the Fitness RX magazine and the necklaces from Kaylee, Mantha gave me the watch and the Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine, and Sunny gave me the ring and keychain.  Everything I wanted.  I was so happy!!

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