Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road to Photoshoot

I've decided to do a fitness photo shoot.  Did I tell y'all that already?  I'm planning it for the week of October 13th. 

Here are my "before" photos

And my starting measurements:

My only real goal is to tone everything.  I want to lose some fat and gain muscle.  I'm going to try and post my meals for the prior week (and admit to my cheats) starting next week.  I also plan on being in the gym Monday through Thursday, possibly Friday also.  The weekends will be spent getting exercise with the kids.

I will be eating as many whole foods as I can.  I will also be cutting out as many processed foods as I can.  I even made my own chocolate syrup as a treat for myself.  {Gotta have one treat, right?}


I'm super excited to start on this journey.  

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