Sunday, January 13, 2013

6 Weeks to a Sugar Free House

With Kaylee and Mantha starting sports in March I decided that we were going to start cutting out sugar.  I'm am going to "gently" ween the kids (and myself) off of sugar over the next 6ish weeks.

I still plan on allowing them desserts but, they will be the healthy kind.  Sugar-free sorbet, fruit cobblers and things of this nature.  

I'm not going to be the SUPER-STRICT, ridiculously, sugar free mom.  I just won't allow it in the house except for on special occasions.  If they have it in school, fine.  When Mantha, Sunny, and Kaylee's birthdays come around, we'll have a cake.  But after those are gone?  Bye, bye sugar.  I WILL still allow juice, and Sunny will get her strawberry and chocolate milk. 

I will be weening myself off of sodas.  I can't cut out my morning Monster.  I don't drink coffee, I drink Monster.  It's what keeps me up at 5:30 every morning.  Cereals will be non-sugary.  Rice Krispies, Cheerios and Chex are acceptable.  Frosted Flakes are not.  (Duh!)  Here's a hopeful timeline of how our sugar cancellation will go.

GOAL DATE -- Feb 25th

Week 1 & 2  January 14-27

  • Use up all the sugary desserts in the house (candy, cookies, etc)
  • Finish box of sodas (3/4 of a box left!)

January 28-31
  • Eat Mantha's birthday cake

Week 3 & 4  Feb 1-10
  • Decrease the number of days the girls eat dessert
  • Cut out soda all together
Feb 11-15
  • Trip to Virginia

Week 5 & 6  Feb 16-24
  • Stop dessert/completely substitute with non-sugar desserts 

FEBRUARY 25th  -- Be a 100% sugar free house!!

But you might be wondering how I got the kids to be on board with us cutting out sugar.  It was actually quite simple.  I told them since they were going to be exercising more that they needed to eat better.  I told them that Olympic soccer players and gymnasts don't eat sugar.  

Don't worry though.  I'm not pushing my girls to go for gold...yet.  

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