Friday, January 18, 2013

Buddha Buddha Buddha

The weather was gorgeous this past week, up until Thursday when it decided to turn cold.  It's been great to be able to get outside without a jacket.  We spent the whole weekend playing on the beach.

Summer makes me think healthy.  We've been on a mega health kick as you know.  Dinner tonite was Buddha's Delight (page 116 in the Happy Herbivore cookbook)  I definitely suggest picking up a copy of the book.  It's incredible.  The Happy Herbivore website has some great basically fat-free recipes.  You should totally go check her out!

It was delicious.  Stereotypical "summer food."  Fresh, bright veggies and super healthy.  I had a photo for you but my phone decided not to upload it   : (

I have BIG news though.  By the time I get back from my trip to Virginia in the middle of February I will have signed up for my Personal Trainer's Certification.  Which means soon after that (I'm hoping before the blog's 1 year anniversary in March but definitely before May) I will be a personal trainer!  2013 is going to be an AMAZING year!

How's your year?  Is it looking good?  Has the weather started to get warmer where you are? 

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