Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mantha Birthday Recap

Her favorite gift from Kaylee.  A ToothTune!
Special dessert after dinner.  A Publix mini sampler

The Cake!!
 If I had been a bit more ambitious and had more time I would have made this cake 100% from scratch.  The cake, the ice cream, everything would have been homemade.  This cake COULD have been fat free but, it's Mantha's birthday so I decided to go a little crazy.  The ice cream is Low-Fat Moosetracks Frozen Yogurt from Publix and the frosting is made with fat free cool whip and fat free sugar free pudding and skim milk.  Next time I make this I will do step-by-step photos. 

Ice Cream Cake

1 box cake mix (and all the ingredients to make it)
1/2 gallon container of your favorite ice cream, softened
Frosting of your choice (ideas with recipes follow)
Decorating frosting (optional)

1)  Bake cake according to box directions (I suggest making it an 8 or 9 inch round) and cool.
2)  Slice one layer in half horizontally
3)  In a springform pan a bit larger than your cake layers, put a thick layer of ice cream (I used 2.5 cups per layer but next time I will use 3 or 3.5 per layer) then top layer of the sliced cake, another layer of ice cream, then the bottom layer of cake (flat side up)
4)  Freeze until hard (2-3 hours atleast)
5)  Get your cake out of the pan by turning it upside down (bottom of frozen cake) under a SLOW stream of warm water.
6)  Set the cake on a cake board or plate (I used a larger springform pan bottom) and take the springform pan off. (it will be a bit melty and that's okay)
6)  Freeze until hard (2-3 hours)
7)  Mix your frosting while the cake is freezing
8)  Frost the cake
9)  Freeze until hard (2-3 hours)
10)  Decorate
11)  Freeze again

Take it out 15-30 minutes before you plan  to serve it so it thaws a bit or you won't be able to cut it!

Or, if you don't want to make it yourself then send me an email and I'll custom make one for you and ship it.  (I'm totally serious.  Not joking)

Frosting recipes
1)  Fresh sweetened whipped cream
2)  Plain Cool Whip (any type, fat free, light, full fat, sugar free)

3)  Fat free Cool Whip Frosting
     1 container Fat Free Cool Whip
     1 package of Fat Free Sugar Free Instant Pudding (any flavor you'd like)
     1/2 of the milk that's called for on the pudding package

If you use a large (or 2 normal) Cool Whip(s) then use a large package of pudding.  If you use 1 normal size container of Cool Whip then use the small package of pudding

1-- Mix pudding and mix
2-- Fold in Cool Whip

So, go out and make yourself one!  It's possible to make it fat free.  What's your favorite ice cream cake combination?

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