Friday, January 11, 2013

My Secret Obsession

I have a guilty pleasure/secret obsession.  Not many people outside of my family and friends know about it.  It's The Biggest Loser.  I watch it religiously.  I DVR it.  I get upset if an episode doesn't get recorded. The show actually motivates me.  It drives me to workout.  It reminds me what I never want to go back to. 

This season they're tackling the subject of childhood obesity.  I love that they're doing this because so many children are overweight.  I fear about my own children's weight and health occasionally.  But the growing number of obese kids is due to the fact that almost every house has a TV with 200+ channels and atleast 1 game system (Wii, Xbox, Playstation 3 etc.)  I think the root of all evil are the parents though!   

When I was a child I was not asked if I WANTED to goto the playground/park.  I was just taken.  It was not suggested that I go out and play, I WANTED to go.  And if I didn't want to?  I was still told to go out.  

Parents allow kids to sit inside on their butts all day eating junk food, watching TV and playing video games.  Parents are the ones that buy and cook the meals that are causing 7 year olds to weigh the same as full grown adults. 

I find it amazing that people my age don't know how to cook a healthy meal from scratch (yet there are 40 new food blogs popping up everyday).  Convenience meals and fast food is part of the reason America is fat.  My daughters' friend came over for dinner one nite and she told me she had never had a salad before.  My jaw nearly hit the floor!  REALLY????  Even before I turned into a "health freak" my kids ate salad.  Even Sunny will eat a big salad (a deconstructed salad but, salad all the same).  They love salad.  

Okay, enough ranting about parents and the poor choices they make for their children.  

I am very happy that The Biggest Loser is back.  I'm also very happy that Jillian Michaels is back.  She's actually my idol.  I'm excited to see how the contestants change and who wins.  

In order to do my part to ensure my kids aren't included in the obesity statistic I have signed Kaylee up for soccer and as soon as we get her practice schedule Mantha will be starting gymnastics.  I can't wait to post picture from Kaylee's first game!

How do you feel about The Biggest Loser?  Do your kids do any sports?  

Writing Prompt --  What is your favorite song that gives you energy?
Answer -- I don't think I really have a specific song.  Anything with a good beat.  Normally when I workout I turn on Pandora and just go with it.  I have never been lead wrong by Pandora.

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