Sunday, August 4, 2013

2 Weeks Down

This week has been horrible on my numbers!  My parents came into town on Tuesday.  Kaylee also started swim practice this week.  Her practice is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 A.M.    I was lazy and came home instead of hitting the gym afterwards.  Luckily after next week she'll have a week off of practice and I can start going to the gym in the morning.   If nothing else, the girls start school on the 19th so I will have time before class to hit the gym. 

Wednesday -- 30 minutes of pool time with the girls
Thursday -- 1.5 mile walk and some stairwork
Friday -- Yoga + 3 hours of back to school shopping

Saturday -- 4 hours of back to school shopping

I ate clean the whole week.  My portions were just larger than they should have been.  I didn't measure as well as I should have.  Friday I gorged myself on watermelon, Saturday and Wednesday Sirr took us out for frozen yogurt. 

And now for the numbers....

Weight:  117.4
Waist:  26.75
Thigh:  19
Hips:  33.75

Changes from Week 1 
Weight:  + 0.6

Waist:  - 0.25
Thigh:  + 0.75 
Hips:  - 0.25

As you can see my numbers are kind of all over the board on going up vs going down. This week wasn't good, not at all.  Am I disappointed by it?  Yes.  Am I going to beat myself up about it?  Nope.  It's only week 2.  I have 10 more weeks to turn things around.  That's 2 1/2 months.  I know what I have to do to reach my goals and I'm going to do it. 

Goals for Week 3
  • Portion control -- During Week 2 I was having seconds and thirds of things that I knew I probably shouldn't
  • Exercise 30+ minutes a day -- This could be a trip to the gym, a walk, or taking the kids to the pool.
  • Measure/weigh all foods -- Eyeballing isn't good enough
  • Ditch Dessert -- I ate frozen yogurt 2 times during Week 2....'nuff said 
  • No more soda -- This one is self explanatory

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