Tuesday, August 13, 2013

High Tide's at Snack Jack's Restaurant Review

Friday was my parent's 35th anniversary.  Unfortunately Ken works all day every Friday so we decided to treat them to an early anniversary dinner.  

There's a little restaurant in Flagler Beach, High Tides at Snack Jack.  Ken and I have passed it a million times going to Daytona.  Every time we passed we would say to each other "I really want to try that place!"  But we never got a chance to go. 

We are so happy that we went there.  I think this will become our new go-to restaurant.  It's located right on the beach.  The walls of the restaurants are covered with funny posters.  My favorite was the one that said "Children Left Unattended Will Be Sold As Chum."  Most restaurants are a bit chilly but, High Tides uses ceiling fans and ocean breezes to naturally cool the restaurant.  You can choose whether you want to sit out on one of the 3 decks or inside.  What fun is sitting inside when you have a gorgeous view, beautiful day and a great breeze?  So, we sat outside and listened to the surf while we ate.  The menu is mostly seafood but, they have a couple not seafood items like beef burgers, a veggie burger and hot dogs.  

Everyone at the table was VERY pleased with what they ordered.  Here's a rundown of what everyone ordered: 

Sirr:  Clam chowder and shrimp scampi over linguine -- everyone claimed the chowder was excellent.  Chunks of potatoes, a lot of garlic (but not too much) and he said the linguine was good too.

Kaylee:  The Boogie Burger -- It was gone within a few minutes of it hitting the table.

Gramma:  Fried shrimp, onion rings and hush puppies --  I wish I had gotten a picture of the rings.  They were HUUUGE and gorgeous.  The shrimp were actually a really good size and Gramma said the hush puppies were excellent.

Sunny:  Kid's hot dog --  They use bun length, really thick hot dogs.  It was a great value.  

Mo:  Chicken wings in a honey barbecue sauce --  You get a dozen wings for $10 and 2 dozen for $18.  Most places only give you 6-10. 

Ken:  Raw oysters and steamed shrimp -- Ken always orders the oysters when he goes to a seafood restaurant.  If he doesn't like the oysters he doesn't review them well.  After eating the oysters at High Tides he decided that we needed to make this place a regular restaurant of ours.  

Me:  steamed shrimp, crab legs, and a side of steamed vegetables.   Everything was cooked perfectly and there was no fat related pain.  {I say fat related because I ate broccoli and cauliflower which causes pain due to gas}  I know that alot of times when you order crab legs at restaurants they have a tendency to be waterlogged.  Not these, they were just yummy, sweet crab meat. The shrimp was seasoned like Goldilocks, not too much not too little.  Ken and I liked the seasoning so much we bought a bottle to bring home.  

We spent about $20 a person.  But, Sirr and Ken both ordered a few beers.  The only thing that threw us off a bit was that it is a cash only restaurant.  But, they do have an ATM there.  

Whenever we go to a restaurant we let them know about my "medical condition" and the fact that I can't have any butter, oil or fat.  When we told our waitress about me she said that there was another waitress there who was dealing with gallbladder issues too!  She ended up coming out and we gave her some advice on dealing with the pain and what to eat.  It really felt good to make someone else's gallbladder journey a little easier and to know that other people are having as hard of a time dealing with it as I did.  Even after almost 2 years I still occasionally get depressed that I'm not "normal" and that I can't eat the same foods as everyone else.  But it also made me think that maybe I should start a support group for other gallbladder sufferers in the area.

So, if you are looking for a fun, funky little restaurant with AMAZING staff and great food, check out High Tides.  You will definitely make this a regular restaurant.   

Do you have a local favorite?  Why is it your favorite?  Tell me about it!

Website:  High Tides and Snack Jack



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