Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mud Run

What's covered in mud, completely exhausted and on top of the world?  Me!  Yesterday Ken and I did our second mud run. (Click Here to read about the mud run from last year.)  This year we had to run separately due to a falling out with our babysitter. 

We got there at 9 and checked in.  After finding a spot to set up our stuff we had just enough time to stand in the horribly long bathroom line and get to the starting line.  My start time was 10.  I finished in 59:57.  That left just enough time for me to get rinsed off and change before Ken had to get to the starting line. 

I scheduled Ken to run at 11:30 because I knew that I could finish in enough time for him to race.  What I didn't know is honestly how fast he was.  He finished in 54:10!! {Which he spent the rest of the night bragging about on Facebook.} 

After he finished and got changed we headed home to get showers,  relax and eat pizza {Ken's answer to the question "what's a good quick healthy dinner?"}.  

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