Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Mud Run Adventure

Yesterday was the Survivor Mud Run.  Mr. Amazing and I had a blast!!  It was such a great experience.  

We left the house at 7:45 to get there in time to register and everything for our 9:45 wave.  After we had all the important stuff out of the way we wandered around and people watched.  I wish I could have gotten more photos but the camera's card was acting funky.  

Here are some though:

 Me posing before the race.  All clean...

I felt like I had super powers.  
 Me and Mr. Amazing
 Psyched and ready to go
 I loved her shirt.  I didn't read the front but I'm guessing that it's about the many reasons why women are awesome
 My lovely bat socks
 Mr. Amazing pinning on his number.  He was kinda excited that it was "666"
 The finish line!
 All the people milling around
 There was mud even before you got onto the course!

 The SuperGirls
 Start line. 
 Mr. Amazing's number.

I was trying to be confident and collected while waiting but I was actually freaking out inside.  I was so nervous.  Could I do it?  Was I going to fail?  Was I even going to finish???  These were all questions running through my head. 

But it was alot easier than I expected.  Mr. Amazing and I jogged at first.  (I think this helped out our time a bit)  First we had to crawl through a mud puddle under wires, then we had to weave through a patch of trees, next came to a bunch of trees that we had to bob and weave between.  We also had to go through tires (like you see football players doing), walk through about a mile of nothing but thick mud, and climb monkey bars.  There were hurdles, a few more mud puddles, planks and hurdles.  

But the most extreme one for me was the 10-15 foot cargo net.  I'm horribly, HORRIBLY scared of heights.  My legs were shaking trying to get over.  I am so proud of myself for doing it (and not dying).  

This was an excellent bonding experience for Mr. Amazing and I.  I am very happy that my chiropractor told me that it was a good idea to start living my life and do it.  At the end of the day we were covered in mud, muck, and possibly poop, soaking wet, sore but, so pumped.  I've already started planning 3 for next year.  

Now I'll leave you with a few more photos.

 Me after the race.  Don't I look beautiful??

Mr. Amazing's after
 Our medals and racer numbers
 All of our icky clothes.  I hosed them down before washing them to get all the ick out.

 This is how the camera looked when I got it out of Mr. Amazing's pocket
 I had a thin layer of mud all over my arms
 My soaked, mud covered shoes.

Would you do a race like this?

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