Monday, October 8, 2012

Diet Challenge Week 2: Eat Right 4 Your Type/ Blood Type Diet

So it's week 2 of my diet a week challenge.  This week I've decided on the Blood Type Diet.  

Diet History

"A blood type diet is a nutrition plan based around your blood type.  D’Adamo claims that the diet will not only bring about weight loss — but can assist with allergy and infection resistance, and will achieve overall good health.  Dr. D’Adamo started out as promoting the eating of the right foods as a way to improve health and wellbeing."  -- Source

Do's and Don'ts

This is an odd one to describe the do's and don't because they vary by the blood type
Type O -- Low-carb, high protein, low dairy.  Lots of exercise is also reccommended.

Type A -- No red meat.  Eat lots of fish and vegetbales and limit dairy.  Type A's should only do light exercise

Type B --Avoid chicken and bacon, eat alot of meat and dairy, moderate fish and a lot of fruit and veggies

Type AB -- A combination of the type A and type B diets


Starting Weight

Starting Waist Measurement

Menu for the Week

Monday 10/8 -- Mr. Amazing Special
Tuesday 10/9 -- French Onion Soup
Wednesday 10/10 -- Beans & Rice
Thursday 10/11 -- Sandwiches
Friday 10/12 -- Spaghetti
Saturday 10/13 -- Out (Chinese buffet)
Sunday 10/14 -- Shrimp

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