Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'd like to say "I'm sorry" to the (few) readers of my blog.  My posts have been so scattered due to school.  I have also been uninspired to write new recipes and workouts.  Luckily classes end in 3 weeks and I will have the time and energy again to bring y'all new stuff.  

On a different topic, I've started planning all my Christmas presents.  90% of the gifts that are being given to family are atleast partially DIY gifts.  The girls shopping is half done and a few other people's gifts have been bought.  Honestly though, I'm farther along than I normally am.  This time last year, and the year before, I probably had 2 gifts bought and I was freaking out.  But, since technically I don't have any gifts in hand besides the girls I'm behind AND ahead at the same time.  I would LOVE to share the instructions for the homemade gifts but since my family (HI DAD!) reads my blog I can't until after Christmas.  I promise I will though.

Until next time!

How  far along are you on your Christmas shopping?  Are you behind or ahead?  Do you have a shopping strategy?  (I have started buying 1 gift a week for each of the girls and it's been working out great)

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