Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Post

(Don't you love my post title?  I couldn't think of anything witty, smart or even post related for the title.  So this is what my frazzled, 6 AM, essay writing brain came up with)

Is there any meal that you could eat 3x a day every day?

For me that meal is breakfast.  (The picture gave it away didn't it?)  I love it.  I love all breakfast foods (except grits...YUCK!) Okay, I can't lie, I love 95.7% of all breakfast foods.  I know that there are probably other ones that are gross that I can't think of at the moment.  I could honestly eat  breakfast foods 5 day a week, 3 meals a day.  I'm quirky though.  I don't like a big breakfast in the morning. All I want at breakfast time is something simple like oatmeal, or cereal and fruit.

The girls and I eat BFD (Breakfast For Dinner) at least a few times a month.  There's actually part of me that is considering doing a Christmas BFD.  But the family's a bit traditional when it comes to holiday dinners so that idea is going to be saved for a different day. 

I actually broke out the waffle iron last nite.  I VERY VERY rarely use it.  It cost me $7 at Target.  I put in a good word with Kay that if she wants waffles more often a new waffle iron would be a good thing for me to find under the Christmas tree.   

I made pumpkin waffles (which were a HUGE hit), blueberry waffles and chocolate chip waffles.  Because of my scatterbrainedness I completely forgot to get pictures.  Heck, if I wasn't so passionate about breakfast this post possibly wouldn't have happened (and I'm avoiding writing a paper.) 

Here's the pumpkin waffle recipe:Organic Gardening
And the blueberry: 8th Continent Blueberry Waffle Recipe  
[Note:  I actually used this recipe for both the blueberry and the chocolate chip ones.  Before I added the blueberries I split the batter in half and added blueberries in one and chocolate chips in the other.] 

Try them and tell me what you think!  Tomorrow I'll bring you a photo collage on what I eat at Mongolian Barbecue restaurants.  

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