Monday, December 17, 2012

Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar (A Product Review)

Scrumdiddlyumptious....great word isn't it??  That's the best word I can find for the Krusteaz Raspberry Bars I made yesterday.  These were a total surprise.  I love surprises.  Unexpected surprises are the greatest.  But food surprises are the best of the greatest. 

When you're on a special diet food surprises don't come very often.  And 99% of the time they don't come in boxed form.  Most boxed baking mixes say they have 0 grams of fat but then they call for melted butter or oil or something else that's a dietary deal-breaker.  Finding a TRUELY fat free packaged baking mix that I can add fat free substitutes to is truely next to impossible.  

That's one reason I love Krusteaz.  They have alot of 100% fat-free baking mixes.  Brownies, muffins, pancake mixes, and more.  They also have a few that can be altered to be fat free and still taste 100% delicious.   Take these raspberry bars....

I was looking for a healthy(ish) dessert for the grils last nite and found the box of raspberry bars.  I looked at the nutritionals and was surprised that they only had 150 calories per bar.  (Mine have less because I cut mine into 16 squares instead of the 12 that the box tells you to do.)  Then I noticed that the mix was fat free.  I looked at the ingredients and it called for melted butter.  : (   As we know, melted butter can be replaced with applesauce.  I just happened to have a jar of applesauce in my pantry so, I used it.  I substituted the applesauce equally to the butter, and followed the directions on the box.  They came out delicious!  

Mine definitely weren't as pretty as the ones on the box but, I have a motto, "it doesn't matter if it's pretty, as long as it tastes good!"  These received 2 thumbs up from the whole house.  

So, if you're looking for a yummy fat free box mix, turn to Krusteaz.  Their mixes would be great for holiday parties if you don't want to make something from scratch! 

**If anyone from Krusteaz is reading this:  If you need a tester for your fat-free line, my family and I are 150% willing to take on the job. **

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