Friday, December 7, 2012

Donut Date Night

I might be a health nut (or freak if you prefer) but, I'm also a mom that occasionally enjoys spoiling her kids.  Tonite was one of those nites.  Mo went to a birthday party so I decided to indulge Kay's sweet tooth (which will be her downfall later in life, just like me.)  I took her to the nearby Dunkin Donuts.  Okay, I can't lie, I also enjoyed spoiling myself with coffee.  

Why no donuts?  It's a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins combo store.  Kay decided that she wanted ice cream instead of a donut.  

I ordered a Pumpkin White Chocolate Latte.  It was delish!  Perfectly pumpkin-y and just the right about of chocolate.  Plus, a medium only has 280 calories and no fat!  

Tonite was a nite about learning, not just desserts.  Kay learned that her tummy has adjusted to our new diet way of eating.  Her stomach is very upset right now from the hot chocolate and ice cream.  She even told me she wished she had gotten a donut instead. 

I look out for my kids healthy 99.7% of the time.  Indulgences should be no different.  Next time I won't even offer to let her get the unhealthier option.  I've always said you can indulge in a healthy way.  I need to start applying this to my kids too.  

Do you indulge your kids in ways you wouldn't indulge yourself?

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