Monday, December 3, 2012

Roof Over Your Head

Happy National Roof Over Your Head Day!  Today is a day to appreciate all the things that we have, starting with a roof over our heads. This is what we saw over our roof yesterday.

Yep a pretty rainbow.  It boosted my spirits yesterday when I was seriously annoyed at the essay I was working on.  (Last one for the semester though, YEY!)

I consider myself a semi pro at a number of things.  One of those things is figuring out which things on a menu are possibly low in fat.  Somethings still trick me though.  I still to this day don't understand how restaurants add fat to steamed, STEAMED vegetables.

I was originally planning on doing a photo post on what I eat at a buffet.  Due to severe stomach pains our trip out to dinner was postponed.  So that post will be on Wednesday.  Tonite I'm making just a simple calzone.  

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