Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Family Fun and How I Looked Like a Crazy Woman

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we spent the day at the pool.  Honestly getting Ken there is like pulling teeth.  He's more than willing to pack up the car and goto the beach but, when I suggest coming to the pool with us he's super quick to opt out.  But today I got him there. Originally we were going to the beach but, tides were not in our favor so, we changed plans. 

Here's a little known fact about me: Ever since I was little, if I go out in the heat after eating/drinking dairy, fruit or vegetables I get very sick.  This is part of the reason I no longer drink milk  Because of this when we goto the beach or the pool and pack food I make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Yesterday I ran out of PB2.  So, today I sat at the pool eating cereal (with soy milk.)  I got a few looks from the other people at the pool. {I mean SERIOUSLY, who eats cereal at the pool?}

  Kaylee made a comment to me a few times this week about how she wanted to buy a poppy.  After talking to Ken today I found out that she didn't just want to buy a poppy, she wanted to buy one that was a donation to the Veterans.  Sometimes she truly amazes me.  She has become a few caring, selfless child.  

The prompt from NaBloPoMo today was "What's the most comfortable room in your house?"  I started writing my answer but, after today I realized that the most comfortable room in my house is the one where my family is.  They make me comfortable. Mo and I sat on the kitchen counter and talked for a few hours last nite.  Ken and I frequently sit in the garage and hold conversations.   And Sunny and I frequently snuggle on my bed and have our best conversations.  Kaylee and I have our best conversations in the car so, she doesn't count. So, at some point, every room in my house has been the most comfortable.

I'm not going to lie, I occasionally need space and alone time.  But, honestly?  It's not often.  

So, what did you and your family do for Memorial Day?  What room is most comfortable to you?

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