Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AFAA Certification

As y'all know I've been working on my AFAA PFT Certification.  On the 19th I took my practical.  I studied for atleast 2 weeks.  Ken helped me, the girls helped me, I worked on it by myself, at home, at the GYM.....I studied really hard.

The exercise I was given was the crunch {Original thought:  YES!!  EASY!!  I got this!!}  I had to modify it for an obese, deconditioned chef with back problems.  {Honestly??  I laughed because it reminded me of Ken, minus the obese part}  I nailed the demo.  I knew what I was doing, I knew the modification and I nailed the spotting.  Easy-peasy.

Then came the questions.  I had to show 2 stretches, tell the opposing muscles {easy}, and tell an exercise for the opposing muscle.  

The examiner told me that when I answered the questions I wasn't "confident enough," and it sounded like I "was guessing at the answers."

I'm sorry that I have 3 kids, and a house to take care of, PLUS my nerves were so wracked due to the test causing my answering not to be in the very front of my brain.

The next day I was emailed my results.  I had "failed" 3 portions of the test.  After looking through my book I realized I was wrongly failed.  BUT, when I called to find out about appealing the score I was told there was nothing that could be done.  WTF??!!??  Anyway, as soon as I get my multiple choice grade I will be retaking my practical. 

I took my multiple choice yesterday.  It's a timed, proctored (they watch you the whole time), 2 hour,  120 question multiple choice test.  I started to worry when I realized I had skipped over the first 30 questions.  I was afraid I wasn't going to finish on time.....or I was going to get them all wrong.  The last 20 questions are all pictures.  You have to put them in order from easiest to hardest, tell what body part is out of alignment, etc.  \

I am very happy to say that I PASSED!  I'm so excited.  Now all I have to do is study for the practical again and in a few weeks I'll be certified!!  

Anybody need a trainer starting at the end of July? 


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