Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iron Chef Raymond

While Ken and I were on our trip in January we came up with the idea of having an Iron Chef style cooking contest.  Yesterday we finally did it.

We had the girls pick a protein, and 2 vegetables out of a hat.  The possible proteins were; tilapia, salmon, veggie crumbles, shrimp and eggs.  The vegetable list included; mushrooms, parsnips, greens, radish, okra, winter squash, summer squash, bean sprouts, eggplant, and artichoke.  The "mystery ingredients" ended up being tilapia, greens and mushrooms. 

The rules were really simple
  1. All the ingredients had to be used
  2. It had to be 1 or 2 dishes.  A main or a main and a side.
  3. There was no time limit
We also had a dessert round.  The rules were a little bit stricter for this round.
  1. It had to contain a fruit
  2. You could only spend $10 on ingredients (I spent only like $2 on a bunch of bananas)
  3. It had to adhere to my dietary restrictions
We were judged on tast, presnetation, and creativity.

Here's Ken's dinner.

Wonton wrappers filled with sauteed mushrooms, onion, spinach, garlic and tilapia with mozzarella cheese.

My dinner:

A spicy fish sandwich on a homemade slider bun with chive mayo, onions and sauteed spinach.
The mushrooms are stuffed with spinach, feta, onions and garlic.

Ken's dessert...

Sponge shells filled with mixed berries that are coated in jam.  He ended up topping it with Cool Whip also.

My dessert (the one in front)...
Baked bananas topped with broiled marshmallows and a dollop of Cool Whip

(I will post the recipe for the bananas in the future)

I am proud of myself that I beat Ken!!  Don't know how I did it but, I did.

The girls had a blast judging.  Next time THEY get to cook.  I'm actually considering making this a monthly thing since it was such a success.

What ingredients would you include as your mystery ingredients?  Would you add any other rules?

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