Monday, June 17, 2013

Belated Father's Day Dinner....A Restaurant Review

For Father's Day Ken had to work.  So, we celebrated it tonite.  Over the past 3 years of living here we have only really eaten at 2 restaurants in town, Golden Corral and the Chinese buffet.  After 3 years we have come to realize we are sick and tired of Chinese buffets and Golden Corral {ESPECIALLY Golden Corral}. Plus we want the girls to experience different types of food.  

Tonite we chose Salsa's Mexican Restaurant.  The server was great.  They messed up my order and even though I was just going to suffer and pick around the cheese and other stuff I couldn't eat he insisted on taking it back and getting me one that was made properly.  

I had the vegetable fajitas.  No tortillas, no cheese, and no oil.  
Ken had the mixed fajita.  He said it was "okay"
Kaylee got a fish dish that she really like.
Mo tried an enchilada.  She said the inside was really tasty but, she didn't like the enchilada sauce on top or the fact it was made with a corn tortilla.
Sunny got a burrito.  She was very happy with it.

All of the meals came with a side of rice and refried beans.  

After dinner we went to try a new-ish frozen yogurt place in European Village.  It's a self serve, pay by the ounce (47 cents an ounce, to be exact) place.  They had either 8 or 10 different flavors.  And atleast half, if not more, were fat free.  90% of them were atleast low fat though.  They have a variety of fruit and candy toppings and syrups.  There's something for everybody.  Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of it.

The 2 best parts about this evening?  1) I didn't get any stomach pains!!  So, even though the food wasn't the most amazing we've ever tried I consider it a place to keep on our list due to the fact I didn't feel like death.  2) We had a nice relaxing family night.

Here's our meal in pictures:

Salsa's has a few locations around the Daytona area.  Click Here to check out their site.
Yo'Belle has locations across the US.  Click Here to find your closest one.

What's your favorite ethnic cuisine?  What is your kids fave?


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