Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Videos and a spin workout

Today was a lazy workout morning.  Some days I decide I don't want to do my normal workout so I browse YouTube for a different workout.  

Here were the winners this morning: Fat Free Abs Booty Pow Workout
Brooke Burke Butt Workout, LiveStrong Women

I also did a "spin workout" this morning.  Want to see a picture from it? 

Yep that's right.  My spin workout was a 5.5 mile bike ride around my neighborhood.  I am very opposed to the gym.  The only reason I wish I had a gym membership is for the weights. Plus, until you find me a spin class where I still get to be in sun and get fresh air I have no interest in it.  

How do you feel about the gym?

Prompt:  Do you prefer to have still photographs or videos from important moments?
Answer:  I actually prefer to have both.  I have more photos than videos though.  You can't frame a video.  

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