Sunday, January 19, 2014

My New Toy

Ever look at a dog and think "you don't look like a (insert name here)"?  Well, that's kinda what happened with Astro.  We just couldn't get in the groove of calling him by the name he was given (even though I really actually liked it).  So, after debating on it for over a day Ken suggested the name Buddie.  For some reason the name fit.  So, that's the story of how Astro became Buddie.

Buddie is a chewer.  The first day we brought him home he managed to chew up an MP3 player cord and Ken's computer cord (oops!).  In order to keep my house from being destroyed we rope him off in the master bathroom area when we leave.

Tuesday I realized my gym workouts were going to have to stop until Buddie gets a little older and can be left home for longer periods of time.  Because Ken doesn't want to hear me complain about not getting my workout loves me, he bought me this.....

A 100 POUND BARBELL SET!  You will never guess how much this cost.  I was shocked by the price.  $40!  It's was a steal.  You can get it here but, it was $10 cheaper in the store.  

It's a nice starter set.  There are 2 25 lb weights, 2 15 lb weights and 2 10 pound weights.  I would recommend it if you want a simple set.  The bar isn't TOO sturdy {it's actually 2 pieces you bolt together} so I wouldn't recommend adding too much extra weight to it.

I'm super excited because I managed to beat my personal best deadlift weight.  I deadlifted 50 pounds.  I know it's not alot but normally at the gym I only do 40 pounds.  

Here are a few moves to get you started

Standing Row
Bent over Row
Bench Press
Shoulder Press

Hack Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat
Straight Leg Deadlift

I will post a formal workout soon for y'all.

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