Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everybody!  
Hopefully y'all had a fun filled day.  Unfortunately for me and my family we were stuck inside because of Beryl.  The sun came out for a couple hours though.  The wind was still treacherous so while Kay and Mo went out with a friend Baye, Mr. Amazing, and I snuggled up on the couch and watched Rango.  It was a cute movie.  We originally planned a clambake done on the grill for dinner.  But, due to the inclament weather everything had to be done inside.  It was very low in calories and in fat.  I'm not certain of the exact amounts.  We were originally planning on having people over so that's why the amounts are so high.

3 lbs shrimp
3 dozen clams
24 ears of corn, shucked
3 lbs asparagus (optional)
2 lbs baby red potatoes
seasoning of your choice 

  1. Grab your largest stock pot.  I think I used my 20 quart.  (I'm not 100% how big it is.  I just know it's HUGE)
  2. Put your steamer basket in and fill the pot with water to just below the basket.
  3. Bring water to a boil
  4. Place all ingredients in pot, reduce to a simmer and cover
  5. Steam for approx 15-30 minutes until everything is done 

You could also boil the potatoes and corn and just steam the seafood.  The seafood by itself should take about 10 minutes.  

What did you do for Memorial Day?  Did you barbecue?  What did you fix?

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