Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1

Happy May!!
After searching the house for a sugar free breakfast I have decided to make my sugar-free rules a little more specific

  • No soda or drinks with added sugar
  • No candy, cakes, cookies, sweets or desserts
My starting weight:  119.6
My starting waist measurement:  28

Day 1 went well.  I only cheated once.  Mr. Amazing brought me a Cherry Coke Zero from the gas station.  Even though it's sugar-free it's still on the "no" list.  I wasn't going to drink it but when I stepped on the bee, hornet, wasp, stinging bug, in my kitchen floor I needed something to "ease my pain".  Baye got a cookie when we went to Publix and the girls had Spam with out sushi tonite.  

I love sushi night.  I make a big pot of rice, cut up a bunch of different veggies, and {normally} cut up some lunch meats.  I personally use rice paper wrappers instead of seaweed like the rest of family uses.  Everybody sits around, chats and makes their own sushi.  I'll post a list of ideas for veggies and meats for sushi nite soon.

That's it for my update today.  Happy May everybody!!

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