Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lightbulbs and Cheesecake

Weight: 119.6
Waist: 27.5
Difference: too big

This was a bad week.  Between cookies for sick kids and Mother's Day desserts it was a diet disaster combination.  But this post really isn't about my weight.
Pumpkin cheesecake.  Not fat free but, delicious!  I made this a few years ago.

This morning I had a lightbulb moment while I was surfing around a random recipe site.  I ahve been wracking my brain since about a month after got my gallstones to figure out a fat free cheesecake crust.  I finally realized this morning that I can use fat free cereal to replace the graham crackers in the crust.  Then, of course the gears in my head started spinning.  Frosted Rice Krispie crust, Fruity Pebbles, even a chocolate cereal crust.

I also had another revelation.  The whole time I've been making no bake cheesecake in order to make them fat free.  Why not try and replace all the fatty products with non-fat equivalents?

So now I've decided that July (I know!  So far away!!) will be cheesecake month.  I <3  cheesecake and so do the kids.  I'm going to make a different fat free cheesecake each week and try to give you a different recipe every day.

What's your favorite type of cheesecake?

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