Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today started out lovely.  I made up a special birthday HIIT workout.  Since it's my 28th birthday I did 28 second sprints followed by 28 seconds of brisk walking for 4 miles.  Oddly enough each set of 2 miles (2 each way) took me 28 minutes.  How weird is that?

I came home and I was greeted with "Happy Birthday"s from all 3 girls.  I woke up Mr. Amazing after a bit and we went out for a special birthday breakfast at Golden Corral.  

My first plate.  Banana, yucky yogurt, some fruit and  and AMAZING yeast roll

The girls at breakfast

My omelet.  They use egg substitute so the eggs were fat free.  I'm better the mushrooms I added were soaked in butter

I have come to the conclusion that our stomachs are not accustomed to the added grease and unhealthy stuff in restaurant food.  After breakfast Kay, Mr. Amazing and I were all sick to our stomachs.   But, after we got home we changed and headed to my favorite place, the beach.  

We only stayed about 2 hours because the wave of nausea started getting worse and Kay and I didn't want to hurl on the beach.  

Oh!  While we were there we also found this :-(

A poor little turtle.  I had Mo put her hand next to it to show how small it was.  

The rest of the day was kind of uneventful.  I had planned on an awesome dinner and a trip to wander around St. Augustine but due to how we felt I made a real simple dinner.  Burgers for Mr. Amazing and Baye, various veggies for me (I allowed Kay and Mo to goto their friends house for a while so they weren't here  for dinner.)

The girls came back after dinner for cake and presents.

Note about my birthday cake:  
Yes, I know it's a pie.  Yesterday was a horrible baking day.  I tried a fat-free cake and it failed miserably.  I made a box mix and lightened it up with egg substitute and applesauce.  No big deal.  When I went to fill it with the fat free 7 minute frosting (same frosting I used for the Independence Day cupcakes) I realized that it tasted like soap.  So it had to be tossed.  I realized that I had wasted money, ingredients and time (almost 1/2 a day) on making my birthday cake.  So I decided that I didn't want to see another birthday CAKE and went and picked up a Lemon Meringue birthday PIE after breakfast.  

So, that's the wrap up of my birthday.  Tomorrow I'm having my special birthday dinner and we're going to take a walk around downtown St. Augustine.  I have turned my 1 day into a 2-Day-Birthday-EXTRAVAGANZA!!

2 life altering decisions I've made over the weekend will be revealed in tomorrow's post!  

What do you do to celebrate YOUR birthday? 

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