Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teaching Kids the Benefits of a Healthy Life

Me and my future health gurus

What's the best part of parenting?
I think that the best part of parenting is teaching the girls stuff and I love when the learn new things.  I think it's great when my kids say something to me and I realize that they sound EXACTLY like me.  One of the many things that I've taught the girls over the years is about health and fitness.

Kay can look at a nutrition label and tell me if something is healthy or not.  She will check the labels for me too see how much fat it has.  I have also taught her to cook.  She loves cooking various things.  

Mo is my fitness guru.  She loves to exercise and be active.  She would go workout with me every morning. She's never been a big TV fan so she plays outside a lot.  She's all about getting fit.

What do you like about parenting?

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