Friday, July 6, 2012

A week in a Day Post

I'm so happy that this week is over.  Every nite since the 25th the girls have been practicing for the Independence Day "Swim Show" at the neighborhood pool.  It was really cute and they had a blast.  
Mo waiting for her turn.  She's the one on the far left

Kay waiting to begin.  She's second from the right
Starting July 1st I was planning on posting a different fat-free cheesecake recipe every day.  I tested the recipe and it wasn't up to my standards so I'm currently tweaking it so that I can post it for you.  

I didn't reach my goals for Independence Day (i.e. my anniversary) but, I've decided to start my goal over for my birthday.  I need to lose 5 lbs in 9 days or get down to 27 inches.  

My fat free cupcakes won 1st place in the community cake contest.  I made chocolate zucchini cupcakes with a marshmallow fluff icing.  I got the cupcake recipe from the Happy Herbivore.  I have a feeling I've already posted about these before but, here's the links for the recipes.   

And of course we had a great anniversary dinner of shrimp, crab cakes, and corn.  We also watched fireworks from the beach.  

Sorry, I just had to post some photos of me and Mr. Amazing.  My normal vegetable people weren't at the farmers market today so I didn't get anything.  =(  I think that about sums up my week.  Now for the prompt for today:

Do you let people know you're joking or leave them hanging?
Honestly I let them know.  Normally my jokes are along the lines of "I'm pregnant" or something semi-possible.  So I'm quick to admit that I'm kidding.   

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