Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Small Step in the Right Direction

One small step for me.  One giant leap for my health.   About a week ago I made a small change in my diet.  I replaced the milk in my cereal with nonfat vanilla soy milk.  I feel 10 times better in the mornings.  I've started cooking with it too.  My body feels lighter and healthier.  I feel a lot more energized after my workouts.  I did this because I noticed that in the evenings when I dip into my daughters' ice cream I felt icky afterwards.  Not just in an "I-ate-too-much-ice-cream" sort of way but in an icky tummy sort of way. 

I started using it because I wanted to use up the soy milk I bought for the (award winning) Independence Day vegan cupcakes.   I would switch my yogurt to soy if they made a fat free version.

Here are the health benefits of Soy Milk.
This is from the back of my box of WestSoy Nonfat Vanilla Soy Milk

WestSoy Nonfat Vanilla Soy Milk Nutrition Label

Publix Brand Skim Milk Nutrition
Now for a segment called What I Ate Wednesday (W.I.A.W)  This is where you get to see everything I ate over a course of a day.

A banana and some Crispy Rice cereal with blueberries, vanilla soy milk and a bit of sugar

My sad lunch.  Half a cookie and a banana.  I know, I'm bad...

"Sausage" Meatballs

These were the Light Life Ground Sausage meatballs I made for dinner.  Simple recipe:  1 roll of Light Life Ground Sausage, 1/4 of an onion diced, and a diced jalepeno.  Mix it all together and roll it into balls.  I got 16 out of it.  Pop them into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes until they're a little brown and enjoy!  

 Dinner.  A nice little salad, meatballs and roasted brussel sprouts covered with fat free pepperjack cheese.  Delicious!!

Baye's dinner.  Meatballs, carrots, yogurt and some Babybel cheese.

Dessert.  Huge slices of watermelon.  Unfortunately I didn't rinse off the board before slicing it so I had jalapeno watermelon.  It was actually quite interesting.

So that's my food for the day.  What did you eat today?

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