Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12th Check in

         It’s check-in day!  When I weighed myself this morning I was 117.4.  I lost .6 lbs in a week.  Not horrible but, not great.  I think that my daily intake is more than I actually think it is.  But whatever the reason, I’ve got to change it!  
On Tuesday my doctor cleared me to swim!  YIPPIE!  As you read about in my About Me section I  love to swim.  I am the most comfortable in the water.  I could spend 90% of my day in the water.  But most importantly that means that I can join the USMS swim team!  I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I finally can.  Maybe I’ll even be good enough for the 2016 Olympic swim team!!  I know those are big goals but, hey, something has to keep me going.  
        Then on Wensday when I went to the chiropractor he suggested I take yoga in order to loosen my muscles.  There’s a yoga class at the clubhouse every Friday morning.  Next week I’m going to go check it out.    Now Mr. Amazing has no reason to not let me take the yoga class now.  It’s doctor’s order LOL.
Here's my food log for the day:

Lemon Chiobani (I've become obsessed with Greek yogurt)


Leftover taco salad veggies mixed with steamed cauliflower

30 minute swim
1 mile walk searching for my dog (turns out he was asleep with Baye)
1.21 mile (23 minute) walk
7:33 minute 520 stairs

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