Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Aftermath

            Easter wasn’t as detrimental to my waistline as I expected.  I only gained .4 lbs.  I’m going to blame it all on my sister and my neighbor loaded my house with sweets.  My sister brought over a cake and my neighbor sent me home with a tray of goodies (various brownies, pies and coconut macaroons) when I went over with the kids for an Easter egg hunt.  I love sweets.  I can’t pass them up.  Especially free sweets.  Even before my surgery if my kids had dessert I’d steal a bite.  I’d regret it afterwards but, I couldn’t help myself.  But anyway, after eating a bunch of different sweets yesterday I’ve learned something important.  My body doesn’t like processed foods.  I ended up with horrible heartburn and I felt icky.  My dinner was sensible, 1 helping of fish, 1 roll and loads of veggies.  I’m not going to let this weight gain get me down thpough.  It’s only .4 pounds, it’s not 4 pounds.  And this experience is going to motivate me to eat cleaner, exercise harder and get toned quicker.  
          I’ve also decided to push back our sugar-free period to May.  It will run from May 1st to Kay’s birthday then after her cake is gone we’ll start it back up until June 2nd, her birthday party. 

This is how I need to live

                In order to make up for my indulgence yesterday here’s my workout:

50 situps
10 incline pushups (with my feet on the 3rd stair)
50 reverse sit-ups
30 second incline plank
20 minutes of stairs
2 miles (35 minute) beach walk
2.35 mile (58 minute) walk with the family

Hopefully it'll pay off tomorrow!

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