Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter food

Easter eggs the kids made

Happy Easter!  I hope y’all are having a great day.  I know I am. 
Mr. Amazing had to work all day so I’m saving him a plate.  Even with my dietary restrictions I love cooking for the holidays.  Actually I think I love it more now than before because it’s a challenge.  I am treating myself today because I’m allowing myself to have salmon for dinner.  The rest of the meal is 100% fat free. 
I was super excited because I found fat free frozen dinner rolls.  I normally make my own dinner rolls to go with special occasion meals but I really didn’t feel like doing that on top of all the other cooking I was going to have to do.  When Kay and I went to the store to get the stuff for dinner I looked at the labels on all the dinner rolls.  I happened across a fat free one.  They’re by Alexia.   They’re amazing and you can’t even tell that they’re fat free.
Here’s my menu.  Click on the dish to take you to the recipe

Main Dish – Salmon
                 Spinach Soufflé  (for my vegetarian sister and her boyfriend)

Sides – Roasted baby potatoes 
                Asparagus  (I just steamed this, nothing special)

Dessert – Trifle
Strawberry Trifle

Dessert was super amazing.  This trifle is my go to dessert when I want something fat free but semi-fancy.  This one ended up not being 100% fat free though.  I used Dream Whip and I realized after the fact that it’s not fat free.  Next time I’m going to mix the pudding with Cool Whip or maybe even try using a meringue mixed with the pudding.  Or just plain meringue would probably be awesome too.  My trifle had angel food cake, pudding, strawberries and strawberry jam (both bought at the farmer’s market last Friday.)

1 box angel food cake
2 large packages pudding (I used simple vanilla)
2 packages of Dream Whip (or you could use fat free Cool Whip)
1 pint berries of your choice (I used strawberries but, any berry would be good)
 1 jar jam or preserves (you can either match flavors with the fruit or do a complimentary fruit)

11)    Bake cake according to box mix
22)      Make Dream Whip pie recipe
33)      Put Dream Whip pudding mixture in fridge to rest
44)      Spoon some jam into a bowl and microwave about 15 seconds just to thin it out
55)      Tear/ cut cake into pieces after it’s cool
66)      In a pretty bowl layer it all
a.       Cake
b.      Pudding
c.       Berries
d.      Drizzle of jam
77)      Repeat until you reach the top of the bowl

This is simple, and semi quick to throw together.  If you don’t want it to be fat free you can use brownies, chocolate pudding or mousse and chocolate ganache.  This is the type of dessert that you can make to YOUR likings.  Search the internet for trifle and you’ll get some great recipes. 

How was your Easter?

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