Saturday, April 28, 2012

K is for Kayaking

          We had an awesome day today!  As you know from yesterday Dad and I were planning on taking Kay and Mo kayaking.  It was great!!  We rented kayaks from Tropical Kayaks in Palm Coast.  They launch the kayaks from there too.  It's $20 for 2 hours for a single kayak, $40 for 2 hours for a double kayak.  The owner is really relaxed and nice.  I definitely plan on taking the girls there again.

          I've outlined our route in pink.  We decided to do a really simple trip.  The only person with us that had been in a boat that you paddle before is Dad.  He was in one kayak with Kay and I was in the other with Mo.  I was so proud of Mo.  She's small and she paddled so hard.  She even did all the work a few times while I sat back and took some pictures.  We decided to stay away from the area with a lot of boat traffic.  We were told that we could see dolphin and manatee, or even a monkey that lives in the area but all we saw were 6 jumping fish in the 90 minutes we were out.
          The owner told me that at the end of my kayak rental I could test out a stand up paddleboard.  Unfortunately I completely forgot about it until I was already changed.  She told me I could come in early on a Sunday and test it out.  I'm going back next Sunday to test one out.  I'm SUPER excited!

And now I leave you with a few pictures from our adventure
Kay paddling down the canal

Mo paddling.  

Me and my paddle

The canal

Kay and Sirr

Kay and Sirr

This tree was interesting

Have you ever taken your kids kayaking?

Tropical Kayaks

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