Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back at the Gym

I haven't been to the gym since Thursday!  I haven't really even worked out since then either.  I've been a combination of busy and lazy. I decided to take a TRX class today. [First day back in 5 days and I decided to take a class I've never taken before, I'm super smart!]  If you aren't familiar with TRX it's the suspension training class.  It kinda looks like this:

Photo From: Workout Wonks
Luckily today's class was the "beginner" class.  I was one of only 2 people UNDER 50.  This class was brutal.  I thought it would be easy since I'm fairly strong and lift weights on most days.  But, NO!  This was not easy.  My legs were dead 15 minutes into class.  I found maneuvering the straps a bit tedious but, besides that it was a great workout.  I would highly recommend it.  According to my friend who does TRX, it takes about 3 weeks for your body to stop hurting from it.  I guess I better start counting down the days.   

I think tomorrow I'm going to check out a Spin class.  I'm not too certain I'll be able to walk tomorrow though.  Oddly though, I love being sore.  It means I got in a good workout.
The more I learn about fitness, the more classes I take, and the more active things I do, I have decided that if money was no option (or if everything was free) I would be certified in EVERYTHING.  TRX certified, Paddlefit, personal training, everything that I've taken so far I love and I want to teach it to the world (or atleast Flagler County.)

If you want to find out more about TRX or find a gym/trainer that teaches it check out the TRX website
TRX Training

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