Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Trust

Today was Mr. Amazing's last day off before I start classes on Monday.  I convinced him to grill dinner.  

Dinners have honestly been my biggest concern with going back to school.  I am a big scheduler.  I love schedules.  And lists...but that's a different post all together.  Normally I make dinner as soon as the girls get home from school so the rest of the evening can be spent doing homework and showers and playing.  I won't get home in the evenings until around 5:30.  How was I going to cook dinner at a normal hour if I didn't get home until that late?  
Mr. Amazing offered to cook dinners on days that I have school since he will be home with the girls.  This concerned me because I have a menu that I stick to.  I know what will be cooked for dinner every night and I shop accordingly.  I was worried that my weekend groceries would be used for a different dinner and then my weekend meals would be messed up by not having the proper ingredients.  Plus, I have a certain diet that I -kind of- keep the family on.  Could I trust him to keep the kids on the same eating habits?  
We came to an agreement though.   If I give him the recipes then he will cook the meals. The only stipulation is that I have to allow him to put his "spin" on the dish.  To me this is completely fair.  Plus it will save me time and allow dinner to be on the table at a normal hour.  Plus I told him I'd do as much of the chopping and prep work before I leave for classes.  

But back to dinner tonite.  We had a lovely piece of grilled salmon, broccoli, clams and baked potatoes.  Mr. Amazing soaked the clams in butter and olive oil since I wasn't planning on eating them.  He ended up kicking himself for cooking them this way.  He hasn't learned yet that since I don't cook with any added oil or butter that his body has gotten used to it.    He wound up with a very upset stomach.  He also informed me that by making him healthy I have "ruined food" for him.  (He was joking though)  

I think the only thing better than the fish he made tonite is the thought of the salmon omelet I'm going to make myself tomorrow for dinner.  Yummy, yummy in my tummy!  And tomorrow I'll give you the lowdown on my new workout routine.

What dish do you enjoy reusing the leftovers for?  Do you have trust issues when it comes to food being made for your special diet?

Prompt:  Do you think love is sweet? Why or why not?

Answer:  Love is very sweet.  I think if you have no love your world isn't as happy.  No matter where that love comes from, a pet, a significant other, a parent, a child.  It makes you feel wanted, needed, appreciated.  It just gives you the warm fuzzies inside.  And the warm fuzzies are a good thing.  

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