Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac the horrible?

It's weird how it seems like the good comes with the bad.  -Good- Today was the first day of my classes.  -Bad- Today was also the day that Isaac decided to come visit us.

I always make a point of taking photos of the waves when big storms come.  I know, I'm lame but I love to see the power behind the storm.

Besides heavy rain and wind we didn't get anything major.  But, it didn't make for the happiest start to my classes.  But it also means that I'm 1 semester closer to getting my degree.  And THAT means that I'm closer to my dream career.  

--Okay, I can't lie, my dream DREAM careers are a professional food photographer and a muppet.....yes, I want to be on Sesame Street--

What's your dream career??

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