Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fresh Market vs Whole Foods

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I'm not going to lie.  I love specialty grocery stores.  I can wander around them for hours looking at all the things that aren't sold in normal grocery stores.  I could spend a ton of money on stuff I have never seen before and feel like trying. 

Now that I'm far away from most specialty stores I only go once in a blue moon when I'm in the area.  Today the family went and checked out The Fresh Market.  They're holding a contest that I thought the girls would enjoy entering so we went to get inspiration.  Have you ever been to a Fresh Market?

If you haven't, imagine Whole Foods but smaller.  It also has a lot less vegan options.  It has a great produce and bulk department like Whole Foods.  It's seafood department is better than Publix but not as awesome as Whole Foods.  The prepared foods and bakery section are almost as good as Whole Foods.  I think the best part about it is that Fresh Market is cheaper. I don't feel like I'm blowing my grocery budget on a few things.  

Each of the girls got to pick out a couple things from the store.  Applepears and artichokes for Mo, a Tuscan melon and guava for Kay, and champagne grapes for Baye.  They also got some petit fours from the bakery.
Chocolate cake and Vanilla

I think they said this was strawberry

Citrus according to the kids

Tomorrow I'm going to make a fruit spread with all the new fruits they got today.      

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