Monday, August 20, 2012

Fruit Spread

Doesn't that look yummy?  It was!  This was the fruit spread from our trip to The Fresh Market.  Clockwise from the grapes: Champagne grapes, applepears, Tuscan melon, and papaya.  This was dessert.  It was nice, summery, healthy and refreshing.  And I spent under $20 for it all.  (Which is surprising only because I bought it at Fresh Market)

Prompt:  What is the best thing you've ever had for dessert?

Answer:  This is actually the best and SIMPLEST dessert I've had.  I got it at a restaurant in Washington state.  Mr. Amazing and I were on our way to Mt Rainer and came across a little restaurant on an abandoned railroad track.  We call it the "Caboose Restaurant."  We actually have no clue what the real name of it is.  Is that sad?    But anyway, we ended our meal with the best dessert I've ever eaten.  It was a blueberry shortcake.  The biscuits were light, fluffy and homemade, the berries were handpicked and made into a lovely sauce and then it was loaded with whipped cream.  Heaven in a HUUUUUGE glass.  We took another trip up there months later and Kay got the blueberry waffles.  Those were just as amazing as the shortcakes.  But that's another post for another day...

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