Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Human Experimentation

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to start experimenting on humans.  For the month of October I'm going to run a test on a human.  That human is just myself though.  It's going to be long and possibly torturous but, I'm going to do it.  

Here's how I decided to become my own human guinea pig.  I love food blogs.  I probably check out over 10 different food blogs a day.  I've noticed something about people's diets.    90% of the food bloggers are writing about some type of special diet, no matter whether it's for weight loss or just for overall health, I've seen all the same claims.  

"You lose weight faster on [insert diet name here]"
"[insert diet name here] will make your body work better"

Each of these people thinks that the diet they're on is the best for you, and the allowed foods in each diet varies greatly.

Some people don't eat meat {vegetarians}
Some people don't eat any meat or animal byproducts {vegan and E2ers}
Some people eat like our ancestors {Cavemen}

The list goes on and on...

So, which IS the best?  Which one makes you drop the pounds quickest?  Which will gives your step some extra pep?  These were some of the questions I was asking myself when I came up with my idea.  

I've decided to do a diet experiment.  I've decided on a different diet for each week of October.  I will stick that diet strictly for 7 days.  At the end of the 7 days I'll do some comparisons and check some measurements.  

On Day 1 {Monday} I'll give you:
  • The diet's history
  • Do's and don'ts (accepted foods, off-limit foods, and (if applicable) the accepted types of workouts)
  • Links to various resources for more information
  • My starting weight
  • My starting measurements
  • My menu for the week 
Since I'm giving you my menu (and recipes if you'd like)  y'all can follow along!  I would love it if people experimented with me.  Shoot me an email if you're interested in being a guinea pig for October!

On Day 7 {Sunday} I'll let you know:
  • My review of the diet
  • Difficulty of staying on it
  • Expensiveness 
  • Ending weight
  • Ending measurements
  • Whether or not I could make it a life long change

I guess if you're actually considering coming along with me (and even if you're not) you want to know what diets I'm doing.  

October 1-7:  Eat Clean Diet
October 8-14: Eat Right 4 Your Type
October 15-21: Engine 2 Diet
October 22-28: Caveman/Paleo
October 29-31: Raw Food Diet 

And if I fail, then I fail.  If I find a diet only works for me for a few days for whatever reason (too expensive, too difficult, my body doesn't like me for it), then I quit and start over the next Monday with a new diet.  No big deal.  

So does it sound fun to you?  If it does PLEASE come along for the ride!  Just let me know.

Prompt:  What type of actions make a person "sweet"?
Answer:  Personally it's the little things, or the unexpected things that make a person sweet.  It's when my girls draw me a picture.  When Baye goes up to Mo and randomly says "You're my bestest buddy."  Mr. Amazing buying me a magazine for every gift-giving holiday because he always gives me a hard time for buying them. (He says "why buy magazines?  You can find all the same stuff online!")

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