Friday, August 31, 2012


Ever feel so overwhelmed that you really want to do nothing?  There seems to be so many things to do so you don't do any of them?  

That's how I feel right now.  2 of my best friends are coming into town on Sunday and I have a bunch of things to do to get ready but instead I'm sitting on the couch thinking up blog subjects.  I managed to finish the laundry though.  

I'll show you what else has been overwhelming me.  
Please excuse my messy garage
What is that??

It's a pull-up bar that hooks onto the door that Mr. Amazing bought years ago and I dug out from the garage last week.  Every time I pass it I feel obligated do a few pull-ups.  Over the course of a day I probably do upwards of 15.  Let's just say it's a good thing I have a chiropractor --my savior-- in a week.    
That bar is awesome though.  It lets me do pull-ups, chin ups, crunches, a whole variety of exercises.  I can work most muscle groups using the bar.  You can also take it off and use it for tricep dips.  You can hook it to the bottom of the door and use it to hold your feet for crunches.  Sometimes I pull myself up and see how long I can hang.  Mr. Amazing spent 30 minutes the other day giving me tips on my technique and form.

Is there a piece of exercise equipment that calls your name every time you pass? 

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