Thursday, June 21, 2012

12 Day Tone Up, Slim Down

I'm cracking down on my diet.  I have 12 days to get back to my goal weight.

That means 12 days until my anniversary!  I love, LOve, LOVE my anniversary.  There's nothing especially special about what we do on our anniversary.  We spend the day at the beach, go out to dinner and watch the fireworks.  

And then you ask; How do you get fireworks on your anniversary?

My anniversary is July 4th.  I get to imagine that the fireworks are just for me and my hunny, in celebration of our love and marriage.  

Anyway, back to my diet.  I'm doing a 90% fruit, 5% vegetable and 5% other stuff diet.  

Cereal w/ fruit mixed in


1/2 cup yogurt
Fruit mixed in
2 servings of vegetables

Bowl of fruit
Sugar free maple syrup (for sweetness)
Fat free Cool Whip (just because it's yummy!)

That mixed with my daily workout so help me drop the pesky 8 lbs before my anniversary.

Thursday prompt:   Have you ever jumped out of your skin?

I am a jumpy person in general.  Mr. Amazing works a lot of nites so it's me and the kids in the house after dark.  Kay loves to come and stand in my doorway.  This is what I see -->

She won't say anything, she won't make any noise, she just stands there.  Makes me jump every single time.  Normally I end up screaming at the top of my lungs she scares me so bad.  There have been times I have almost thrown things at her.  It kills me when she does that!

What makes you jump?

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