Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner From the Grocery Store is Classy Right?

After my dinner slip up I made sure to be extra  careful with breakfast.  I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with margarine and jelly, and a quarter of Baye's waffle.

The girls had a blast at the aquarium.  We wandered around and looked at all the exibits and fish and animals for about 90 minutes.

We ate lunch at the aquarium.  Mr. Amazing had a burger, Kay and Mo got chicken tenders, Baye had a grilled cheese and I ended up with a side salad with reduced-fat thousand island dressing.

For dinner we decided to do microwave meals and eat them in the hotel.  Again I ended up with a salad, fat-free feta, fat-free onion dressing, and a fruit-and-yogurt parfait from Publix.

Hopefully I redeemed myself for yesterday (besides the fact that I drank too many sodas today.)

Tomorrow the beach!!!

Today's photo challenge was BLUE.  I took a photo of the bright blue hotel pool.

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