Friday, June 8, 2012


Why are animal crackers so addictive?  Do you have the same problem I do?  Once you eat one animal cracker you can't stop?

Today was a pretty boring day.  I cleaned and got stuff ready to leave tomorrow.  It rained on and off all day so, we were stuck inside.  Mr. Amazing let the girls wash the car and play in the water.

It turned into a water battle.  But they had a great time.  

I've decided to take on a second blog challenge.  It's a daily photo challenge done by the blog Two Martini Lunch.  Today's challenge was "Summer"

Swim suits always scream summer to me.  As soon as the weather gets warm enough I take the girls and we go buy new suits.  A few months later they get to pick out a second suit.  

Since summer is here I keep reading about all my Facebook friends planning their vacations and beach trips. I've come to realize that I don't have many friends.  I'm not saying this because it's a bad thing.  I'm saying this because it's a fact.

I have a few close friends in Virginia but, other than that, I only have 1 down here.  I'm not really good about  letting new people into my world.

This blog is one of the few ways new people get to see a glimpse of my world.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Tomorrow I'll be writing my blog from Tampa! 

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