Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Running in circles

I've driven in 3 huge circles today.  It's like I've gotten sucked into a repetitious vortex that causes me to run in circles.  I had to take Wikkid to the vet at 7 AM.  Then I dropped the girls off at school, came home for an hour, had to go BACK to Mo's school for her "Poetry and Pizza" party, came BACK home for a few hours then went and picked the girls up and then picked Wikkid up.

My poor doggie.  He had to have a bunch of teeth pulled!  So now I have to wrestle with him twice a day to get him to take his medicine.  

Because of all the running around I got no exercise in and I only had time to make a quick simple meal of hot dogs, rice and frozen vegetables.  

But, all the circles has made me think of the current circle I'm running around in with my cookbook.  Yep, I'm currently in the middle of writing a cookbook.  After I got diagnosed with my gallstones I looked for fat-free cookbooks.  There were none on the market so I decided to write my own.  So now, 9 months later, I'm at a standstill with it.

That's what normally happens to me when I start a project though.  I start out really strong and after a few months (and a lot of hard work) I stall.  I either lose motivation, run out of ideas, or life gets in the way.  

Hopefully doing all the recipes for the Fat Free Queen will help me add to my cookbook and get my creative juices flowing again.

Do you have any current projects going?

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