Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life's a Beach and So is This Workout

Every time I think I'm done with my workout I come across another exercise I want to add.  But I finished it!  And here it is:

If you have a hard time reading it you can also see it here.

Try it out and tell me what you thinik.  I'd love you feedback.  I did 3 sets this morning and I'm beat.  3 sets took me about 45 minutes and that was going semi slow.    I have to say my MP3 player helped me get through the last set.  Watch my blog for a post on the correlation between music and exercise.

I finished my workout with 16 minutes of stairs.  I told myself I only had to listen to 4 songs on my MP3 player and then I could quit the stairs.  Somehow I managed to time it so I was listening to 4 long songs.

Well it's off to the pool for the girls swim practice for the 4th of July. 

How do you jump into a new blog post?
Honestly my blog posts are about something that happened during my day so as soon as I "jump" out of bed my blog posts write themselves.  And I write my blog posts down on paper and work on them throughout the day.  In the evening I type them up and post them.

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