Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation Day 1

We made it to Tampa around 2:15.  I let everybody pick out snacks for the car ride. They picked out some semi healthy snacks.

After we got checked in we relaxed for a bit and tried to decide on dinner.  We finally settled on the Chinese buffet called Crazy Buffet.

There was a great selection of food.  Seafood, sushi, various Chinese dishes, a salad bar and a huge dessert selection.  I started out healthy.  I completely forgot about snapping a picture until AFTER I was done eating.  I got kimchi, fish, an order from the Mongolian grill, and some sushi.  I somehow allowed myself to finish my meal with raspberry mousse cake, chocolate mousse cake, coconut cake, and tiramisu.

I'm so mad at myself for it!  But 1 horrible day won't kill me completely.  Plus, I don't have a scale to use to beat myself up with.  That fact scares me a bit honestly.  For the next 4 days I won't be able to monitor my weight to make sure I'm not going overboard.

After we got back to the hotel we took the kids for a swim.

The photo today was "Shade"

I love big shady trees.  I wish I had one like this in my yard.

Now back to searching the hotel room for my engagement ring.  What?  I didn't mention that I lost my engagement ring in my hotel room??  Wish me luck!!

Have you ever overindulged?  Have you ever lost something important?

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